Home staging is the art of furnishing houses for sale to look intimate. Buyers should walk through your property and feel they’re already home. At Fictional Homes, we do more than arrange furniture; we create stories. This is where I’ll hold elegant dinner parties. This is where we’ll tuck our child into bed. This is where my buddies and I will watch the Super Bowl. It’s these stories that carry buyers past issues of square footage and price into feelings of want and warmth. And it’s those feelings that move prospective buyers from browsing to bidding.

Let Fictional Homes help you sell your home to a buyer motivated to bid high.

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Sometimes it’s best to get in on the ground floor. With new construction, fundamental design choices need to be made. Floors, finishes, surfaces, and fixtures speak to style. They strongly influence buyers. Fictional Homes can help you furnish your custom home with the memorable details that inspire high bids. Don’t count on buyers’ imaginations. Show them a home that’s detail perfect, unlike any other they’ve seen, and enjoy short market stays and high selling prices.

Let Fictional Homes help you create a home that will captivate buyers.

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Vacant offices are great rental opportunities. But showed empty, they can be difficult to lease. Prospective tenants walk through, trying to picture their staff in the space, hoping it will meet their needs. They often leave unsure. Corporate staging by Fictional Homes provides the certainty renters need to commit. We furnish empty workspaces so they look stylish and substantive, functional and beautiful. Tenants don’t just see possibilities; they see finished suites in which they’d be inspired to work long hours and proud to host important business meetings. With this vision provided for them, they’ll act swiftly to sign your lease.

Let Fictional Homes bring elegance to your offices.

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Homes aren’t just for living in; they’re also for entertaining. But hosting private events can be stressful. There are too many details to manage. Fictional Homes can help furnish your event so it’s easy and elegant, comfortable and successful. If your birthday party needs outside seating, we’ll bring stylish sofas to your backyard. If your poker night needs a casino feel, we’ll provide the barstools and felt topped tables. Whatever your affair, we can design your space to suit it. Don’t let your next occasion just be a party; make it an event.

Let Fictional Homes help you plan your next get-together.

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