Our Advantage

Home staging used to be a boutique service. Now it’s big business. Large staging companies offer lower priced staging services by forcing the same mass-market furnishings into home after home.

The owner/developer of the home featured below hired the largest staging company in Los Angeles for 20% less than the price quoted by Fictional Homes.

As staging began, the owner grew concerned. He felt the company’s work was generic, thoughtless, and uninviting. Their completed staging left him furious, convinced the house looked so unwelcoming he’d need to lower his asking price.

Then he called Fictional Homes to re-stage his property for sale.

We installed furnishings specially customized for the target market of his home.

Thrilled and confident in the impact of our staging would have on buyers, the owner upped his selling price by $100,000.

After two weeks on the market, the home entered escrow and sold at asking price.


Their staging
• Desk faces into the house
• Bookshelf is too small for the space
• Props are sterile, emotionless, uninspiring

Fictional Homes staging
• Desk faces the large, sunlit windows
• Large bookshelf is filled with authentic props and books
• Vintage sign emphasizes the beach culture of the home

Patio comparison final

Their staging
• Outdoor sofas are too large for the space, overlapping each other
• Sofas are black, making the small space look dingy
• No table was installed for outdoor dining

Fictional Homes staging
• Seating and table for 10 turns this patio into an outdoor dining room
• Style and colors compliment the home’s modern architecture
• Potted plants and artwork add warmth and depth to the space


Their staging
• Bed is placed in the middle of the room, making it feel small
• Oversized headboard and orange chair don’t effectively communicate that this is a child’s bedroom

Fictional Homes staging
• Bed placed along the wall makes a small room feel bigger
• Unique desk, artwork, and accessories communicate that this is a child’s sleep and play area


• Real estate related searches on Google have grown 253% in the past four years
• 90% of homebuyers spend 12 weeks actively searching for a home on the Internet
• Prospective buyers walk through a total of 10 homes before making a purchase

This means your buyer will spend an average of 84 days viewing scores of listed properties online, but only find 10 worthy to visit. The way your home is represented in online photos is of maximum importance.

The home shown below has been listed for sale by two different owners on two separate occasions, with each owner hiring a different staging company.


762Cal living room fh web

Their staging

Fictional Homes staging

762Cal kitchen FH web

Their staging

Fictional Homes staging

762Cal front ext fh web

Their staging

Fictional Homes staging

762Cal ext fh web

Their staging

Fictional Homes staging