Michael McCraine


Michael McCraine has been creating stunning interiors for over 15 years.

Michael’s career in design began as a fashion model. Traveling the world, shooting in spectacular locations, she found herself drawn to architecture and interiors. She studied how top photographers used light, color, and composition to stage scenes reflecting the lifestyle and culture of each location. After leaving the industry, she continued her study of these crucial design elements at University of California, Los Angeles.

She founded her interior design firm, Lady Michael Design, in 2004. After eight successful years furnishing homes and offices, Michael became drawn to the thrill and test of home staging—designing spaces to sell.

Working closely with clients from a project’s conception to its completion has taught her how people truly live and function in different environments- but more importantly, it’s revealed how people dream of living and functioning in those same spaces. Each of Lady Michael’s staged homes draws upon those dreams and is strategically designed to stimulate buyers emotionally by creating and igniting feelings of nostalgia, fantasy, and curiosity.

She founded Fictional Homes in 2012 and, as of July 2018, merged with Marshall Design Group.