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My name is Michael McCraine.

I help property owners, developers, and brokers sell homes quickly and for higher prices.

62% of buyers know within moments of entering a house whether they are going to make an offer. It’s that fast.

Selling a home is like dating. First impressions are everything. You want buyers to fall in love with your property. Fictional Homes will dress it to impress, making it stylish and seductive, warm and welcoming. Your buyers won’t know what hit them; they’ll just know they want it. 

Surveys show that buyers are basing decisions on how they feel  while in a home, rather than size, layout, or even price.

Buyers need an emotional connection. A house needs to feel like a home. Whatever their list of wants and needs, it’s this heartfelt experience that drives buyers to act fast and bid high. Each Fictional Home is designed to help them walk into your space and feel it’s already theirs.

Why Fictional Homes?

Fictional Homes brings the personal touch back to home staging. We carefully consider architecture, neighborhood demographics, and the unique features of your space before choosing the furnishings we install. The result is a house that speaks to buyers perfectly suited to buy it.

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,, Michael truly knows how to read a home, inside and out. She is able to find the strengths and weaknesses of a home and alter her styling and staging to complement the home fully. She is aware of the buyer pool and neighborhoods and caters her staging to match. She is professional and meticulous with her work and is an absolutely pleasure to work with on all levels!
Kerry Ann Sullivan, Halton Pardee & Partners
,, "Michael McCraine is one of the best young designers in the Los Angeles area! She has impeccable taste and her sense of space and flow is amazing. Michael took our little, boxed in rooms and turned them into light, flowing areas that looked SO much larger! She listened to us and worked with our ideas AND most importantly, budget. She really has a way of creating sophisticated, original spaces with a touch of whimsy and fun - while maintaining functionality and comfort."
-Cynthia B., Landscape designer
,, I have used Michael and her company Fictional Homes since the day she opened and she never disappoints. She has exquisite taste and a great eye for the unusual. I have gotten many compliments from buyers and sellers alike about the thoughtfulness and effectiveness of the work she has done for us at Pence Hathorn Silver. I would highly recommend Fictional Homes. She is one of the brightest stars rising in a very competitive business.


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